Project and Heavy Load Transport

You may develop different projects and need different services. Or, you may need to use all transportation services in a combined manner. That is when Gökbora is right next to you with its diverse transportation services…

We know that transportation services, as a team work, means more than the loading, carrying and unloading…

Political and economic changes in the last 20 years have paved the way for a great move between the resources of production and consumption. As a result, all kinds of goods and services produced in many parts of the world are consumed in many other parts of the world. Like all consumer goods, raw materials, semi-finished materials and a wide variety of industrial machinery, equipment and equipment are marketed and used in many parts of the world.

We established our “Special Projects Department” in 2005 in order to transport our customers’ oversize and/or heavy loads.

This service, which was initially started with flatbed trailers, has been improved day by day through important infrastructure investments. As of today, the infrastructure has been developed considerably with the low-bed vehicles, pools and modular system carriers. In terms of capacity, we have reached a load capacity of 400 tonnes at a time. As well as transporting to Turkey from many parts of Europe and Asia, transit project transportation is carried out from many European countries to Asian countries via Turkey.

  • Dry Bulk Load Transport with Containers,
  • Industrial Plant Transport,
  • Customised Solutions,
  • Heavy Weight Transport.


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Project and Heavy Load Transport

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