GOKBORA was established in 1983 in order to provide services in the transportation industry, in parallel with the development of Turkey in the field of foreign trade.


Our structuring, which started with just 10 vehicles and 20-strong workforce in 1983, has reached its current strength with many investments in international facilities, fleet and human resources. On the road we set out to exceed our own service standards day by day, we are at your service with more than 1000 members of Gökbora family.

We continue to produce fast, realistic and reliable solutions to your demands with the strength of our self-owned vehicle fleet and staff of experts.

While continuing our technology investments without any hesitation in order to increase the added value we offer to our customers, we also continue to export services based on corporate environment policy of full compliance with the European standards, 40 years of industrial experience, corporate structuring extending to 8 different countries and our 100% domestic capital.

Our history, which started in 1954, acquired a new brand name in 1983 with the establishment of Gökbora.

The foundations of our company were laid in 1954 by Mr Fahrettin Çak in Tekirdağ, a peaceful neighbouring province of Istanbul. The company, which initially engaged in the construction, oil and automotive industries, moved to Istanbul and developed its activities here. In 1983, in parallel with the development of Turkey in the field of foreign trade, Gökbora A.Ş. was established.

In this way, which we set off with just 10 vehicles and 20 employees, we have made a significant progress since 1983 and we continue to meet the requirements of our mission and gain ground through cooperation with foreign companies and investments in human resources, facilities, and the size and quality of vehicle fleets.

The company has long left the rural family tradition behind in its management approach and it has completely abandoned its family business identity, which started in the form of a flag race, by successfully completing its corporate structuring and quality certification programs. By involving modern business practices in its corporate culture, the company has incorporated all transportation models in its activities and turned into a global structure.


While the world is shrinking and globalizing as a result of fast transportation and communication, it has been inevitable for Turkey to turn towards foreign trade and especially exports, based on the economic conditions of the country. In this process, physical flow of goods and quality of services have become as important as the quality and price of the goods offered for foreign trade.

In line with this approach, our corporate management decided to change dimension and took important steps in order to satisfy the expectations of many domestic and international customers at the highest level.

In this context, the company established
– Gokbora S.L. in Barcelona, Spain
– Gokbora SARL in Paris, France
– Gokbora GmbH in Duisburg, Germany
– Gokbora SRL in Sistiana and Trieste, Italy
– Gokbora SRL in Bucharest, Romania
– Gokbora OOD in Sofia, Bulgaria, and
– Gokbora MMC in Baku, Azerbaijan

Our vehicle fleet has been renewed and expanded, and our fleet management policy has been systematized to ensure that regular fleet renewal programs are implemented every year. New training modules have been added to our existing training programs for our office staff and drivers.

Especially in 2020, with the pandemic that has tested all supply systems to their limits, our company’s compliance with the logistics industry service standards and the robustness of our infrastructure has been verified once again. In this process, which has positively affected digitalization, while we have observed the benefits of the cloud system, which was incorporated into our information infrastructure a while ago, the mobile applications offered by this system have also added speed and flexibility to our work.

As we approach our 40th anniversary, our new warehouse established in Sistiana, Italy has brought us one step closer to becoming a world brand on this road we started with the principle of persistency in the industry.

Regarding environment-friendly practices, the fact that we have renewed the majority of our fleet with Euro 6 vehicles, established a roof solar energy system in Adana warehouse and constructed rain water treatment systems in our facilities as pioneering projects, and preferred electric cars in our marketing cars are the steps that have brought us closer to our 40th anniversary goals.

With the pride of being a company operating with 100% domestic capital, we continue on this path, hoping to achieve greater success together, above the level Turkey has achieved today…

To plan and conduct all company activities in a customer-oriented manner,
To provide timely and accurate information flow to our customers in a continuous manner,
To take the necessary measures before the occurrence of errors, instead of correcting them after they occur,
To keep our service promises and not to make promises that we cannot fulfil,
To develop alternative logistics solutions in addition to road transport services,
To increase the profitability of our company not with a high price policy, but with efficient and quality services,
To act in environmental and human-benefit consciousness in the production of services,
To create team spirit by adopting the pride of success as the main tool of motivation,
To invest in human and technology by acting with the awareness that the differences between companies are created by people,
To create new partner networks that share the same qualities and values,
To ensure that the philosophy of total quality management is adopted as a corporate culture.

Şeref ÇAK – Managing Director – 04.09.2020


Gökbora fulfils the requirements and procedures of the ISO 9001: 2015 and 27001:2022 Information Security and Quality Management System, as certified by accredited institutions. Gökbora has been granted the ISO 9001: 2015 and 27001: 2013 certificates as a result of the certification audits conducted by the Switzerland based Swiss Safety Center AG Certifications.

In addition, follow-up audit are carried out every year by Swiss Safety Center AG Certifications to monitor the company’s compliance with the standards. Gökbora aims to ensure customer satisfaction and meet customer expectations at the highest level by adopting the principle of customer orientation.

To be a company that provides international transportation, storage and distribution services in a reliable, innovative and creative corporate identity that respect to customers, employees, environment and laws, and by use of state of the art technologies.

To be a leading, pioneering and reliable international brand in international transportation, storage and distribution services, achieving long term sustainable growth.

The concept of green logistics, powered by the importance given to future generations, plays a significant role in Gökbora’s working styles and investment strategy. Having completed the Euro 6 weighted fleet target, our infrastructure has started preparations for the 100% Euro 6 fleet target. With the intermodal solutions we provide and our high-tech European fleet, we prevent nearly 100,000 tonnes of carbon emissions every year.

How do we ensure 100,000 tonnes of carbon saving?
Driving software with the topographical recognition feature
Mostly Euro 6 compliant vehicle fleet
Intermodal and multimodal solutions

–Trieste Roro transports
–Sete Roro transports
–Neuss Rail Line
–Wells Rail Line

Gökbora and Environmental Projects
Gökbora Adana Solar Roof Project
Gökbora Headquarters Cafeteria Project for Producing Fertiliser from Food Wastes
Gökbora Headquarters Marketing Fleet of 100% Electric Vehicle

Rainwater Recovery System Projects
“Regarding environment-friendly practices, the fact that we have renewed the majority of our fleet with Euro 6 vehicles, established a roof solar energy system in Adana warehouse and constructed rain water treatment systems in our facilities as pioneering projects, and preferred electric cars in our marketing cars are the steps that have brought us closer to our 40th anniversary goals.”

Our objective

To be among the leading companies in the field of “Information Security” locally and internationally by ensuring the protection of physical and electronic information assets by ensuring the adoption and implementation of information security principles and standards by all our employees in the use of information technologies that support the achievement of our business goals.


Our approach

We undertake

to ensure that our information security management system is documented and continuously improved to meet the requirements of the ISO 27001: 2013 standard,

to comply with all legal regulations and contracts regarding information security,

to protect the confidentiality of critical data related to our products and services, such as strategic targets, designs, production, sales, supply sources, customers and employees,

to establish information security processes on the basis of the protection of confidentiality, integrity and accessibility of information, ensure the sustainability of the security level through work flows and procedures,

to detect violations of information security in a timely manner and to intervene immediately,

to make efforts to increase the information security awareness of all our employees and business partners in our ecosystem,

to take proactive measures by performing risk analyses against changing and developing information security threats.

Food safety management system plays a crucial role in Gökbora’s quality assurance processes. It enables critical operations related to food safety, such as storage, transportation, handling, to be carried out in accordance with regulations and best practices.

Our quality standards adhere to strict compliance rules, minimizing risks of contamination and cross-contamination. Through relevant policies and regular certification audits, we safeguard consumer health and ensure the integrity of the food supply chain.

In the highly regulated food industry, compliance is not only a legal requirement but also a vital element that enhances market reputation.


  • Meeting customer needs and expectations promptly and efficiently, ensuring satisfaction, and producing quality products through the collective efforts of all our employees.
  • Complying with national and international legal and regulatory requirements, as well as food safety management system requirements, to continuously improve the system’s effectiveness.
  • Keeping abreast of evolving technology, competing at a high level in the industry, and increasing our market share.
  • Implementing and continuously improving the requirements of Food Safety Management System standards.
  • Implementing our goals and plans continuously to ensure the continuity of Food Safety Management System standards.
  • Enhancing development and innovative thinking through continuous education.
  • Establishing and developing a food safety culture among all employees and providing necessary resources.
  • Effectively using changing technologies, communication tools, and business resources to ensure that the services we provide to our customers are always of high standards.
  • Reviewing operations in all departments routinely to achieve high performance.
  • Keeping every stage of the product chain under control until it reaches the end customer to prevent problems from arising.
  • Securing the health, safety, and future of our employees.
  • Taking all necessary environmental precautions to use our natural resources efficiently and not to harm the ecological balance.
  • Supporting and ensuring the continuity of this system by being aware of responsibilities towards human rights, law rules, and ethics.